“Did you know?” is a short “facts-in-a-box” for the citizens of Pocahontas. It contains information that every citizen may not know, but might want to, or even perhaps, should know!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to City Ordinance 2005-06, regarding keeping Pocahontas beautiful and healthy. The Ordinance addresses the condition of our property and what is expected of us as property owners/renters. A summary of City Ordinance 2005-06 says:

All property owners within the City of Pocahontas, are hereby required to cut weeds, grass, remove garbage, rubbish and other unsanitary or unsightly articles and things from their property, and to eliminate, fill up or remove stagnant pools of water or any other unsanitary thing, place or condition which might become a breeding place for mosquitoes, flies and germs harmful to the health of the community.

Anyone in violation of this ordinance will be given written notice, requiring a Clean-Up of the property. The property owner has 7 days to comply. If, after 7 days, the property has not been cleaned up, then the City has the right to have the property brought up to code, with the cost of the clean-up being charged against the property as a lien.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to City Ordinance 2009-15, regarding ANIMALS within the City limits. The Ordinance addresses the number of animals allowed per address, and all requirements thereof. A summary of City Ordinance 2009-15 says:

  • A maximum of 4 (four) animals is allowed per household/address.
  • All animals must annually be registered (tagged) with the City.
  • All animals must have proof of rabies vaccine to procure a city tag.
  • No dogs shall be allowed to run at large. The dog(s) must be on a leash, or within an appropriate size kennel, or be within a fenced
  • Every dog, no matter the breed, must be insured against any
    possible personal injury inflicted by the dog.
  • No livestock or poultry shall be kept within the city limits.
  • Violation of any section(s) of the City Animal Ordinance can result in a separate fine for each violation per animal on the property.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to City Ordinance 2013-08, regarding YARD SALES within the City limits. The Ordinance addresses rules and regulations regarding yard sales. A summary of City Ordinance 2013-08 says:

  • A maximum of 3 yard sales per calendar year is allowed per address.
  • ALL yard sales require a PERMIT from the City.
  • The first yard sale of the calendar year is free, but still requires a permit.
  • Sales number 2 and 3 will each be subject to a $25.00 privilege tax.
  • No yard sale shall last longer than 3 days.
  • Only one yard sale in a given month at the same address.
  • Signage cannot be posted in any form on a utility pole, street sign,
    stop sign, tree or fence. No yard sale signage in right of way.
  • Violation of any section(s) of the City Yard Sale Ordinance can result
    in a separate fine for each violation per sale on the property.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to City Ordinance 2008-13, regarding SOLICITATION by Non-Profit or Charitable Organizations within the City limits. The Ordinance addresses rules and regulations regarding FUNDRAISING ROADBLOCKS. A summary of City Ordinance 2008-13 says:

  • ROADBLOCK solicitation by a non-profit or charitable organization requires a ROADBLOCK PERMIT issued by the Police Department.
  • Organization must present proof of 501 (c) 3 status to obtain a
    roadblock permit.
  • ROADBLOCKS are allowed only under the following circumstances:
    1. Organization must have permit.
    2. Roadblocks must be operated only by persons over the age of 16.
    3. For the safety of the solicitors and the residents of Pocahontas, Roadblocks are allowed ONLY at the intersection of Park Street
      and Pyburn Extended.
    4. Roadblocks can be operated only on Fridays and Saturdays,
      between the hours of 8:00 am to one hour before sundown.
    5. Solicitors must wear vests or T-Shirts with the Organization name.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the City Website! It has a wealth of information that is useful to all citizens of Pocahontas.

  • At www.cityofpocahontas.com, you can:
    Garner information about the City and its government.
  • Read all the City Ordinances, from A-Z. (Click on the name of City Clerk & Treasurer, Suzanne Hawkins, then click on City Ordinances) and you’ll find info on:
    1. Yard Sale Ordinance regarding the Rules and Regulations about Permits, Limits, Signage, etc.
    2. Animal Ordinance regarding dog/cat tags, rabies vaccine requirements, and insurance requirements, etc.
    3. Non-Profit Roadblock Rules and Regulations
    4. Curfew Ordinance regarding juveniles less than 18 yrs.
  • Find names and phone numbers for department directors.
  • Email certain department directors/managers.
  • Learn about your Guardians in both the Fire and Police Depts.

To read this City Ordinance in its entirety, please go to www.cityofpocahontas.com. If you do not have online access, please feel free to call City Hall at (890) 892-3924 where you will be transferred to or directed to the proper department for answers to your questions. This information is provided as a service to the citizens of Pocahontas by the Pocahontas Mayor, City Clerk, Police Dept., Fire Dept., Parks & Rec Dept., Street Dept., and City Code Enforcement Office.

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